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Elite Travel reviews the best Colorado ski destinations for those people who want to vacation in snow sountry. While many people love to travel to the beach with its sunshine, sandy beaches and warm waters, there are just as many people who prefer to head to the mountains, especially during ski season.

Elite Travel Reviews The Best Colorado Ski Destinations 1

Elite Travel reviews the best Colorado ski destinations for those who prefer winter time fun. We believe your vacation time is valuable. Not only is often the best time of the year but it is the best and most quality time you get to spend with friends and loved ones. This is why the travel experts at Elite Travel review suggestions for those planning ski trips to Colorado in the coming year.

Besides being one of the best ski destinations in America, Colorado also offers so many unique options. Big cities like Denver and Colorado Springs offer all types of urban fun while also offering plenty of outdoor experiences.

Sometimes there are so many options for great experiences that you may find it difficult to choose the right destination. Wolf Creek, for example, is reported to have 465 inches of light, fluffy snow each season, according to many Elite Travel reviews.

Elite Travel Reviews The Best Colorado Ski Destinations

However, here are few high-quality resorts or restaurants in Wolf Creek, which makes it a local favorite for a one-of-a-kind trip. Many Elite Travel reviews say Wolf Creek has the freshest, least traveled trails. Due to the lack of accommodations, very few travelers get to experience Wolf Creek’s majesty.

Breckenridge As A Family Destination – Elite Travel

It is generally recommended that you stay at Breckenridge if you are traveling with family or friends who are less experienced skiers. There are more beginner and intermediate trails, as well as enough black diamond slopes to satisfy more experienced skiers.

Elite Travel Reviews The Best Colorado Ski Destinations 4

It also has a highly-rated ski school, and the resort is located directly at the beginning of the lift system, making it extremely convenient to commute from your room to the slopes. The residents of Breckenridge and the resort are very friendly and knowledgeable, and the whole area is well known for its detailed customer service.

Due to Breckenridge’s history as a mining town in the 1800s, it has an authentic Old West feel, unlike many other ski towns in Colorado. Many Elite Travel reviews state that this makes Breckenridge even more appealing to history buffs, especially those who enjoy skiing while mixing a little history. If you are flying into Colorado’s capital, Breckenridge is only about eighty miles away.

Vail, Colorado: Elite Travel Reviews

Another great choice for groups traveling with skiers of all levels, according to Eliute Travel reviews, is Vail, Colorado. It is a legendary ski town known around the world for its unmatched beauty and sheer size. The ski destination has long been popular in Colorado.

Elite Travel Reviews The Best Colorado Ski Destinations 3

In Elite Travel reviews, over thirty chairlifts are found within this resort’s mega-complex, which means you won’t have to wait in line for the chair lift for too long. You will be entertained all day long by new trails and slopes.

It takes approximately two hours to drive from the Denver airport to Vail. Once there, you’ll find yourself in a winter wonderland that everyone will enjoy according to most Elite Travel reviews.

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